Text translator|transilterator library

Abstract image of a text tranltation


Translates the received text using various services.

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Supported services

  • MyMemory
  • Offline transliteration
  • Offline bijective transliteration


composer require abeliani/text-translator


Online drivers need to pass psr7 client and request objects.

$driver = new MyMemoryDriver('token', $psr7Client, $psr7Request);$translator = new TextTranslator($driver);
// set text and it languge code$translator->setSource('some text', 'en');
// here will be the translated textprint $translator->translate('ge');

Translate the text to many languages

print $translator->translate('fr');
print $translator->translate('tr');

Chain of driver calls. We can pass the driver into the chain, which will be called if the previous one does not complete the translation.

$driver = new OneDriver($apiKey, $psr7Client, $psr7Request, new TwoDriver($apiKey, $psr7Client, $psr7Request));$translator = new TextTranslator($driver);